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Quilting in Iowa Online Quilt Store
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Welcome to Quilting in Iowa

Quilting in IowaMy name is Geneva Gay Murphy and I am a quiltoholic. Here is my quilting journey. It all started when my church advertised a quilt class for beginners. Little did my teacher, Ann Johannes know how much of a beginner I was. I went to class carrying all my supplies and a sewing machine that I had never turned on.

Ann gave out our directions and showed the steps we needed to do to get started. I sat at my machine and raised my hand and Ann came over and I asked, "how do I thread this machine and what do you mean scant ¼ inch seams." That is when Ann realized what an uphill battle she was in for. Ann encouraged me the whole way through the class. Once I finished my first quilt block, I wanted to scream from the rooftop "I finished my first quilt block, my points are not pointy and I don't care!" At that point I was hooked on quilting.

A few years passed and a friend, Robyn Barrickman was talking to me about a couple who had a quilt bus. It was then that Kris Kelderman and I decided to create a quilt bus and call it "Patchwork Peddlers, the quilt shop that comes to you!" Our retired school bus was decked out from top to bottom; it truly was a mobile quilt shop. We had a route that we did every week going to small local towns that did not have a quilt shop. Our "Patchwork Patti" (nickname for the bus) was featured in Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting magazine, which lead us on a wild summer ride through several states visiting quilt guilds.

Once our "Patchwork Patti" passed away and went to the junk yard in the sky, we decided it was time for Patchwork Peddlers Quilt Shop to become a permanent brick and mortar store in Kirkville Iowa. Last year we celebrated being in business for 10 years.

My newest adventure is creating this website and on-line store...
carrying on the tradition of bringing quality quilt supplies to folks
in rural areas. You will find an eclectic mix of all the favorite things
that we have seen and made in journeys in Iowa and other states.
So hop on board and enjoy all the great finds we have in store for